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Polymer Therapeutics

Polymer Therapeutics could be considered the first polymeric nanomedicines. Clinical proof of concept for polymer conjugates has already been achieved, mainly as an anticancer therapy. However, many challenges and opportunities still lie ahead, providing scope to further develop this technology platform. Delivery of new anticancer agents focusing on novel molecular targets and their combination, development of both new and exciting polymeric materials with defined architectures and the treatment of diseases other than cancer are the most exciting and promising areas, and are therefore the chosen research lines in the Polymer Therapeutics Laboratory.

In this context, our research activity is focused on the design of second generation polymer conjugates, novel nanomedicines with application in cancer and tissue regeneration as therapeutics, as well as molecular diagnostic tools. The development of novel biodegradable polymeric carriers, the use of combination therapy or the design of nanoconjugates directed at novel molecular targets, including novel treatments for neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer's Disease and Spinal Cord Injury) are some of the approaches we are following in order to achieve highly specific and effective nanopharmaceutics.

Our polymeric systems are mainly based on L-glutamic acid and are designed to allow the study of the influence of the spatial conformation on the intracellular trafficking of bioactive agents, allowing for the exploration of a broader range of therapeutic applications. Quantitative tools for the study of cell and in vivo fate of our nanopharmaceutics are also being implemented. Additionally, polymer multivalency allows the use of combination therapy and even the presence of targeting residues (antibodies or peptides) markedly enhancing, therefore, the therapeutic value of these hybrid nanoconstructs.

Selected Publications

Metabolomics facilitates the discrimination of the specific anti-cancer effects of free- and polymer-conjugated doxorubicin in breast cancer models.
Armiñán A, Palomino-Schätzlein M, Deladriere C, Arroyo-Crespo JJ, Vicente-Ruiz S, Vicent MJ, Pineda-Lucena A
Biomaterials , 2018 Apr, vol. 162, pag. 144-153
Anticancer Activity Driven by Drug Linker Modification in a Polyglutamic Acid-Based Combination-Drug Conjugate
Arroyo-Crespo, J.J., Deladriere, C., Nebot, V.J., Charbonnier, D., Masiá, E., Paul, A., James, C., Armiñán, A., and Vicent, M.J.
Advanced Functional Materials , 2018 , vol. 28(22), pag. 1800931
HIF-1a inhibition by diethylstilbestrol and its polyacetal conjugate in hypoxic prostate tumour cells: insights from NMR metabolomics.
Armiñán A, Mendes L, Carrola J, Movellan J, Vicent MJ, Duarte IF
Journal of drug targeting , 2017 Nov - Dec, vol. 25, pag. 845-855
Capturing "Extraordinary" Soft-Assembled Charge-Like Polypeptides as a Strategy for Nanocarrier Design.
Duro-Castano A, Nebot VJ, Niño-Pariente A, Armiñán A, Arroyo-Crespo JJ, Paul A, Feiner-Gracia N, Albertazzi L, Vicent MJ
Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) , 2017 Oct, vol. 29
Well-Defined Star-Shaped Polyglutamates with Improved Pharmacokinetic Profiles As Excellent Candidates for Biomedical Applications.
Duro-Castano A, England RM, Razola D, Romero E, Oteo-Vives M, Morcillo MA, Vicent MJ
Molecular pharmaceutics , 2015 Oct 5, vol. 12, pag. 3639-49


Patent Application:Vicent J. Nebot; Aroa Duro-Castaño; Maria J. Vicent. Cross-linked Star-shaped self-assembled polyglutamates and its use as carriers in biomedical applications. N. Application: European patent EP15382422.2.08 August 2015.

Patent Application:María J. Vicent, Inma Conejos-Sánchez. Novel Polymer-drug conjugates for the treatment of amyloidosis. N. Application: European Patent EP13382184 20 May 2013.

CIPF participates in "Development of universal Kit for the remote controlled drug release by magnetic hyperthermia in oncology applications" IPT-2012-0712-010000, in collaboration with NANOSCALE BIOMAGNETICS, ORYZON GENOMICS, NANOIMMUNOTECH, UNIVERSIDAD DE ZARAGOZA, funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, INNPACTO.