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Arantxa Leal



Stem cell lines in Spain are regulated by the National Stem Cell Bank (NSCB). The NSCB was created in 2006 as an organism of the Subdirección General de Investigación en Terapia Celular y Medicina Regenerativaof the ISCIII. Since its creation, the NSCB has expanded to include four nodes throughout Spain which serve as local repositories and points of contact for regulating and facilitating regional stem cell research.


Centro de Medicina Regenerativa de Barcelona
Calle Dr. Aiguader, 88
08003 Barcelona
Tel: 933160300
Paseo Mikeletegi 61 Donostia-San Sebastán
20009 Gipuzkoa
Tel: 943309064  
Biobanco del Sistema Sanitario de Andalucía
Parque Tecnológico Ciencias de la Salud. Centro de investigación Biomédica 
Avda. del Conocimiento s/n · 18100 Armilla, Granada
Tel.: 958894672

The NSCB provides technical and regulatory support to researchers and other interested collectives with the derivation, use, and distribution of the pluripotent cell lines derived in Spain.

As a node of the NSCB, the Valencian Stem Cell Bank is responsible for the registry and deposit of pluripotent cell lines, as well as the validation, maintenance, preservation and distribution of the deposited pluripotent lines.

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