Assistant to the Scientific Director
Ingrid Mendes

Scientific Managers

Platform Managers
Enrique Herreras
María Elena Mateo


The centre for Biomedical Network Research (CIBER) is a consortium depending on the Carlos III Health Institute (Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness). The CIBER in the Thematic Area of Rare Diseases (CIBERER) is the reference centre in Spain for research into rare diseases.

Its main aim is to coordinate and further basic, clinical and epidemiological research, as well as to increase the possibilities of laboratory research reaching patients and providing scientific answers to the questions arising from the interaction between doctors and patients.

CIBERER consists of a team of over 700 professionals and integrates 62 research groups.

The scientific organizational structure consists of the Scientific Management under Dr. Pablo Lapunzina which along with a Management Committee and an External Advisory Scientific Committee (EASC) coordinates the activity of the seven research programs (PdI) in which CIBERER groups are distributed.

Tel.:  +34 963 289 680
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