Antonio Pineda Lucena
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Research Team
Martina Palomino Schatzlein

Leonor Puchades Carrasco

Pre-Doctoral Researcher
Nuria Gómez Cebrián

Ayelén Rojas Benedicto

Laboratory technician
Leticia Ortí Pérez

Scientific Collaborator
Arturo Albors Vaquer

Clara Pérez Rambla

CIPF-IISLAFE Joint Research Unit of Metabolomics

Nowadays, cancer therapy remains limited by the conventional one-size-fits-all approach. In this context, treatment decisions are based on the clinical stage of disease, but fail to ascertain the individual´s underlying biology and its role in driving malignancy. The identification of better therapies for cancer treatment is thus limited by the lack of sufficient data regarding the characterization of specific biochemical signatures associated with each particular cancer patient or group of patients.

Metabolomics approaches promise a better understanding of cancer, a disease characterized by significant alterations in bioenergetic metabolism, by identifying changes in the pattern of metabolite expression in addition to changes in the concentration of individual metabolites as well as alterations in biochemical pathways. These approaches hold the potential of identifying novel biomarkers with different clinical applications, including the development of more specific diagnostic methods based on the characterization of metabolic subtypes, the monitoring of currently used cancer therapeutics to evaluate the response and the prognostic outcome with a given therapy, and the evaluation of the mechanisms involved in disease relapse and drug resistance.

In this context, the Joint Research Unit CIPF/IIS La Fe in Clinical Metabolomics works on the application of these approaches to different oncological processes in collaboration with different Hospitals. Furthermore, in an effort to extend the applications of this methodology to the understanding of other pathological processes (e.g., endometriosis, premature birth, tuberculosis, rare diseases, etc.), we have established a number of collaborations with other research groups both at the CIPF and the IIS La Fe, but also with other national and international clinical/research groups.

Selected Publications

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Profiling human blood serum metabolites by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: a comprehensive tool for the evaluation of hemodialysis efficiency.
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Serum metabolomic profiling facilitates the non-invasive identification of metabolic biomarkers associated with the onset and progression of non-small cell lung cancer.
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