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Domingo Gil

TEL: +34 963 289 681
Ext. 3111 / 3112
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The Cytomics Core Facility includes advanced technology and equipment for polychromatic analysis and  cell sorting. The Core was created by  Prof. José Enrique O'Connor, Full Professor at the University of Valencia, and founder of Flow Cytometry in Spain, in 1983.

• Immunophenotyping of samples to detect the expression of surface and intracellular / intranuclear antigens.

• Cell cycle analysis.

• Cytotoxicity assays for assessing cell death and investigate specific apoptosis pathways.

• Functional tests applied to established cell lines, primary cultures and  ex vivo samples.

• Cell analysis of microorganisms for clinical applications in Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences.

• Functional characterization and immunophenotype of stem cells.

• Analysis of real time kinetic parameters (analysis In Fluxo)

• Multiplexed analysis of soluble proteins.

• Cell sorting to obtain purified populations based on immunophenotype and / or functional features.

• High Content studies (HCA) by image analysis techniques for adherent cells and tissue sections. Detection and quantification of different cell parameters. Trials of special relevance in the fields of toxicology and drug discovery.