Esther Masiá

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The CIPF Screening Platform Service was created to support the evaluation of biological and pharmacological compound libraries (own or from external agencies) aiming to obtain and characterize novel bioactive agents.

The Screening Service is a highly important tool useful for CIPF members as well as for external entities because of the availability of two libraries of chemical compounds (Myriad and Prestwick, totaling more than 11,000 compounds). The Myriad library is specially valuable for the discovery of new drugs, while the Prestwick library includes compounds already in commercial use and offers the possibility to discover new therapeutic targets of the individual compounds themselves, or combinations between them, in order to get closer to personalized therapies.

Our goals are primarily focused on identifying modulating compounds for protein-protein and/or protein-RNA interactions which constitute the key point in human pathologies, and develop assays with​​ adult and embryonic stemcells (proliferation and differentiation).

The generation and maintenance of a collection of compounds with high chemodiversity is also remarkable objective of this platform, being able to scale up the experiments for massive screening assays (high throughput screening; HTS) and select the most active compounds against therapeutic targets of interest. Once the compound is selected, the service provides the means necessary to develop transport systems (polymer conjugates) aiming to improve the solubility of the active compound, increase its half-life time in the bloodstream,to achieve a greater accumulation in the tumor and inflammatory sites, etc.

The service has the capability for automation of direct capture of the results from reading systems or data processing in high density testing samples. Furthermore, the tests have been tuned to identify modulating compounds of protein-protein interaction, as well as modulator compounds of the proliferation and/or differentiation of embryonic and adult stem cells.