If you are interested in any training and teaching courses helf at CIPF, please contact:

Ana Rodrigo Williamson

Tel. +34 963 289 680


At Principe Felipe Research Centre, training is looked upon as a major priority. We are convinced that the young researchers who conduct their work today at the CIPF will be tomorrow´s leaders in important positions worldwide. It is for this reason that we take on the commitment and responsibility to train them , not only in the fields of scientific knowledge and experience, but in all areas that are needed to equip them to fulfill successfully their roles as leaders in their field.

The Training and Education program is conducted by our own internal training and teaching staff and by researchers who come to our center for training placements or for courses conducted by own and external staff.

We have a number of programs designed for:

  • Future researchers.
  • Program graduate students.
  • Predoctoral Research development program students.

In addition, training courses, scientific conferences and seminars are periodically organized by CIPF and are extended to all scientists, worldwide.