Welcome to the Príncipe Felipe Research Center.

For almost 50 years researchers of this Center have made great efforts to place our Center among those achieving excellence in research.

Several breakthroughs have been made in key areas such as Regenerative medicine, cancer, new therapies, neuronal damage... But we are aware that there is still much to do.

In these difficult times of global economic crisis we have an even bigger challenge. It is a time of renewal and of greater efforts. For this reason it is so important to continue doing research of excellence but also to optimize all the resources that we have and to promote collaborations between different research groups and between the public and the private sectors.

Our goal is to do biomedical research including basic genes, targets, molecular and cellular processes, nanomedicine and Computational Medicine and its translation into clinical practice We have special interest in personalized medicine, cancer, rare diseases, metabolic, and cognitive and functional impairment.

In addition to the objective of advancing into biomedical knowledge of impact, at the CIPF we want to promote the translation of the research conducted by our groups, who have extensive experience in the above mentioned subjects, either to the sanitary system for improving the health of citizens, with the potential to establish a more personalized medicine, either to the production system in terms of results which are Patentable or exploitable.

I hope that with the help of all, we shall be able to achieve our objectives, and face all these challenges.


Dr. Deborah J. Burks
Tel. +34 963 289 681 Ext. 5306

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