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  • Ettan IPGPHOR II IEF: isoelectric focusing system for the first dimension.
  • Ettan DALTsix y Hoefer SE 600 Ruby: electrophoresis systems for the second dimension.
  • ImageScanner II: scanner for visible densitometry of gels revealed with conventional staining.
  • ImageMaster 2D Platinum: software for conventional gel analysis.
  • Typhoon™ 9400: scanner for the detection of gels stained with fluorescent markers.
  • DeCyder™: software for differential expression analysis of DIGE gels. The EDA (Extended Data Analysis) module allows for the analysis of expression patterns and to extract greater information from the gels.
  • Investigator ProPic™ for the excision of polyacrylamide gel plugs, which has both UV and visible lights to use according to gel type.
  • Investigator ProPrep™ for protein digestion of polyacrylamide plugs and sample preparation for peptide mass fingerprinting analysis ensuring traceability and lack of contamination in the samples.
  • HPLC UltiMate™ Nanobomb for the creation of nano-flow gradients.
  • Famos Auto-injector for the automatic injection of samples.
  • MDLC Module Switches for multidimensional chromatography.
  • Probot micro fraction collector to collect fractions in different formats. This collector can mix eluent with matrix and deposit the fractions directly on MALDI target plates (LC/MALDI).
  • 4700 Proteomics Analyzer (PA) from Applied Biosystems. is a mass spectrometer consisting of a MALDI ionisation source and two tandem time of flight analysers separated by a collision chamber. It contains the software needed to carry out LC/MALDI (see above).
  • QSTAR XL from Applied Biosystems . is a spectrometer with a nano-spray ionization source and hybrid quadrupole time of flight analysers (Q-TOF). The chromatographic system connected to the ionization source is a nano -HPLC Ultimate from LC Packings identical to the aforementioned, but with the capacity to carry out multidimensional chromatography.
  • AKTA FPLC for conventional protein purification.
  • AKTA Purifier for the purification and development of purification protocols.
  • AKTAxpress for the automated purification of expression proteins that are affinity tagged.
  • Ettan LC for the small scale protein purifications needed in many proteomic applications.


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