Yolanda Massó

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CIPF Science Friday Talks

CIPF's Science Friday Talks feature lectures and presentations from researchers belonging to our Research Programs on topics relevant to the diverse scientific community. These CIPF SCIENCE FRIDAY TALKS are open to scientist from other institutions.This is an opportunity to hear about new research projects or overviews of research areas including computational genomics, molecular genetics, rare diseases, neurobiology, drug discovery or molecular and cellular biology.

General Information

Presentations of approximately 40 minutes will take place on Fridays at 13.00h in the assembly room unless otherwise stated and will be widely advertised by email and on Each presentation is followed by a 10 minute discussion related to the seminar. Each week a predoctoral researcher belonging to the same research program as the speaker will moderate both the lecture and the discussion. The CIPF Science Friday Committee will announce this list in advance. The moderator will have an important role in the lectures: he will introduce the speaker to the audience and will encourage questions during the discussion. The CIPF Science Friday Committee requests the audience to be at the assembly room in time and turn off the phones.