Vicente Felipo
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Bioinformatics Technicians
Jose Manuel Saborit Torres

Andrea Cabrera Pastor

Gergana Ivaylova Mincheva

Juan Jose Gallego Roig

Tiziano Balzano

Marta Llansola

Post-doctoral Researcher
Paula Izquierdo Altarejos

Pre-Doctoral Researcher
Paola Leone

Teresa Rubio Martínez-Abarca

Laboratory technician
Mar Martinez Garcia

M Carmen Castro Quero

Yaiza Maria Arenas Ortiz


The Laboratory of Neurobiology performs basic and translational research on the mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of neurologic (cognitive, motor, in sleep and circadian rhythms) impairment in different pathological situations.

Using animal models we study the molecular mechanisms responsible for the neurological alterations in patients with hepatic encephalopathy (HE). Once identified the molecular alteration, we try to restore normal cerebral and neurological function through pharmacological treatments. These studies allow us to 1) prevent death induced by acute ammonia intoxication; 2) prevent or delay death in rats with acute liver failure; 3) restore learning ability and, 4) reverse hypokinesia in rats with chronic HE.

In parallel studies we assess the neurologic and cerebral alterations in patients with liver cirrhosis and minimal HE (MHE) and underlying mechanisms and look for new diagnostic procedures. We have identified 3-nitrotyrosine as the first good indicator for early MHE diagnosis. This will allow generalization of MHE diagnosis and treatment.

We also study the effects on brain development of environmental and food contaminants, (methylmercury, PCBs, pesticides). We found that ingestion of these contaminants in food by female rats leads to impaired cognitive function and altered motor activity and coordination of their pups. We are studying the underlying mechanisms.

Selected Publications

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Reduced white matter microstructural integrity correlates with cognitive deficits in minimal hepatic encephalopathy.
Montoliu C, Urios A, Forn C, García-Panach J, Avila C, Gimenez-Garzó C, Wassel A, Serra MA, Giner-Durán R, Gonzalez O, Aliaga R, Belloch V, Felipo V
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Hepatic encephalopathy: effects of liver failure on brain function.
Felipo V
Nature reviews. Neuroscience , 2013 Dec, vol. 14, pag. 851-8
Patients with minimal hepatic encephalopathy show impaired mismatch negativity correlating with reduced performance in attention tests.
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