Our Objectives

OUR VISION: is to improve people's health by generating advances that we will constitute true milestones of biomedical knowledge.

OUR MISSION: is to conduct relevant research in biomedicine. In addition to generating the advancement of knowledge, the CIPF wants to promote the transfer of research either to the health system in relation to the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of disease, either to the productive system as patentable or exploitable results.


Our ultimate goal is to be the more powerful, competitive and innovative center of basic research in Valencia, comparable with the more competitive biomedicine centers, both at national and international level.

Specific scientific challenges include the following:

  1. Characterize targets and molecular mechanisms of disease.
  2. Progress in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.
  3. Being key players in the understanding of mechanisms and treatment of neuroinflamation and neurological deterioration.
  4. Exploiting our computational and omics tools to help the advent of more personalized medicine.
  5. Exploiting genomic knowledge to identify genes responsible for disease.
  6. Achieve the development of new diagnostic approaches and new therapies.