Welcome to the Principe Felipe Research Center.

The CIPF is a private foundation attached to the Regional Ministry of Health whose objective is the basic research in biomedicine with translational orientation. In addition to generate the advance of knowledge with biomedical impact of genes, molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease, computational medicine, nanomedicine and regenerative medicine, the CIPF has the aim to promote the translation of research both the Spanish National Health System to improve the health of citizens and the productive system as a patentable or exploitable results.

Our strategic objectives are to consolidate the scientific structure of the center, to generate scientific advances that become significant knowledge milestones, to develop research projects of scientific and social relevance, to increase the collaboration with public and private organizations at national and international level, to strengthen the translational research of our results to the Spanish health sector, to enhance the visibility of the center, to make biomedical research more accessible to health policies and the citizenship, to keep and promote a creative and stimulating atmosphere focused in Science and to ensure the economic sustainability of the center.

The researching lines developed in the CIPF are clustered around four programmes. Two of them are related to basic research such as the molecular and cellular mechanism of human pathologies on rare diseases, metabolic and cancer diseases, and the study of neuroinflammation and neurological impairment. The other two programmes have a more applied orientation, as they are focused on innovate technologies and advance therapies in biomedical research, being related to bioinformatics and genomics of system and gene expression, nanomedicine, cellular therapy and regenerative medicine.

Besides this research programmes development, it is worth highlighting the high quality and cutting-edge technological devices the CIPF counts on to support research, whose are available for their researchers and the scientific community alike. One of the most attractive features of those technological devices is the breadth of their range with a very varied technology and facilities. Some services stand out for the singularity of their facilities and equipment (animal facility with a SPF rodent area, experimental operating theatres), while the others are remarkably due to their translational character and also the valued scientific and technological support provided to their users (genetics, genomics, electron and confocal microscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, cytomics and screening).

With the help of all the staff, I hope to be able to contribute to achieve our goals, to be important actors in the Spanish and European biomedical science for being considered an excellence biomedical research center.


Dr. Deborah J. Burks
Tel. +34 963 289 681 Ext. 5306

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