Programmes & Groups

The scientific activity of the center is structured around four programmes, within which are located the various research groups.

Programme 1: Molecular Basis of Human Disease
Manager: Dr. Deborah J. Burks
Groups in the programme:
  1. Molecular Neuroendocrinology. PI: Dr. D. J. Burks
  2. Genetics and Genomic of Neuromuscular Diseases. PI: Dr. C. Espinós
  3. Molecular & Cellular Immunology. PI: Dr. E. Esplugues
  4. Oncogenic Signalling. PI: Dr. R. Farrás
  5. Metabolic Growth Signals and Regenerative Medicine. PI: Dr. L. Noon
  6. Pathophysiology and Vision Therapy Therapies. PI: Dr. R. Rodrigo
Joint units with other institutions:
  1. Diseases Mecanisms and Nanomedicine (UPV).
  2. Rare Diseases (INCLIVA).
  3. Rare Diseases (IIS La Fe).


Programme 2: Neuroinflamation and Neurological Impairment
Manager: Dr. Vicente Felipo
Groups in the programme:
  1. Cortical Circuits in Health and Disease. IP: Dr. Pietro Fazzari
  2. Neurobiology. PI: Dr. V. Felipo
  3. Molecular and Celular Pathology of Alcohol. PI: Dr. C. Guerri
Joint units with other institutions:
  1. Biomedical Imaging (FISABIO).
  2. Neurological Impairment (INCLIVA).


Programme 3: New Technologies in Biomedical Research
Joint units with other institutions:
  1. Cancer (FIVO).
  2. Cytomics (UVEG).


Programme 4: Advanced Therapies
Manager: Dr. Mª Jesús Vicent
Groups in the programme:
  1. Stem Cell Therapies in Neurodegenerative Diseases. PI: Dr. S. Erceg
  2. Neuronal and Tissue Regeneration. PI: Dr. V. Moreno
  3. Peptide and Protein Chemistry. PI: Dr. Mª Orzáez
  4. Polymer Therapeutics. PI: Dr. Mª J. Vicent
Joint units with other institutions:
  1. Molecular Oncology (FIHGUV).
  2. Cancer (FIVO).
  3. Diseases Mecanisms and Nanomedicine (UPV).