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A great part in the success of proteomics is due to advances in the development of new technologies for protein mixture separation by two-dimensional electrophoresis, or by using a multidimensional liquid chromatography which allows for the separation of digested peptides from a complex protein mixture. Both techniques, combined with the development of powerful mass spectrometry tools, allow for the identification of proteins and their posttranslational modifications to be carried out successfully.

The valuable information generated by proteomic technology contributes to the development of:

  • Biomedicine, in applications such as the search for biomarkers for the diagnosis of illnesses and therapeutic targets, as well as the development of medicines and vaccines.
  • Agricultural biotechnology, in the development of bio-pesticides and bio-fertilisers which improve production yield and the environmental quality of soils; as well as the analysis of residues and contaminants in the agri-food industry.


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