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Scientific Support and Technology Services

CIPF Scientific Support and Technology Services (SSTS) strive to help scientists answer complex biological questions and achieve their research goals. SSTS have been conceived as an interdisciplinary network leveraging a broad range of units, platforms, facilities and sophisticated equipment to provide insightful, cost-effective, added-value services and expert consulting to the scientific community and industry alike.

SSTS are staffed with a dedicated team of scientists and experts who focus entirely on service provision, developing solutions and applications to guarantee robust and consistent experimental results. Courses, training sessions and workshops are frequently organized to keep scientists updated on technology and applications.

Units & Platforms:

Our dedication to quality is a founding principle of CIPF's Science Support and Technical Services. This commitment is underscored by our ISO 9001-certified Quality Management System, which challenges us to continually improve and ensures we deliver quality services and products to clients and partners.


Technology Services

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