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FAX: +34 963289701

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Scientific Director
Dr. Carmen Espinós, PhD

Genetics Manager
Dr. Vincenzo Lupo, PharmB, PhD

Genomics Manager
Laura Ramírez

Lab technicians

Virginia Rejas

Lola Martínez-Rubio

Eloísa Barber


  • Personalized genetic counseling
  • Pre- and post- natal molecular genetic diagnosis of human hereditary disease
    • Monogenic diseases
      • Muscular Diseases
      • Peripheral nerve diseases
      • Neuromuscular junction diseases
      • Autosomal Recessive Cerebellar Ataxia (ARCAs)
    • Genomic syndromes (microdeletions, microduplications), cromosomopathies and other genetic disorders (onco-hematology, autism)
  • Microarrays (low density: 15K, 44K, 105K, 244K; high density: 60K, 180K, 400K y 1M)
    • aCGH
    • aCGH + SNPs
    • Gene expression
    • miRNA
    • ChIPonChiP, Metilation
  • Treatment of samples (DNA and RNA extraction from plants, bacteria, cultured cells, fresh tissue, paraffin, etc...)
  • Sanger sequencing

As a novelty, we offer Luminex technology to search for aneuploidy, duplications, deletions and microdeletions (Cri-du-chat, Prader-Willi, Angelman, Wolf-Hirschhorn, etc ...) for prenatal diagnosis and other studies.