Alberto Hernández
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  • Sample collection and storage
  • Treatment of samples and fluorescent labelling, for living and fixed cells (immunostaining)
  • Data acquisition
  • Image processing  
  • Data analysis
  • Technical advice


Biomedical Science:

  • Fixed Cells:
    • Inmunocytochemical
    • Co-localization
    • Cellular growth on biomaterials. 
    • Protein interactions and conformational changes by FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer)
    • Morphological and co-localization studies by 4Pi microscopy.                   


  •   Live Cells:
    • Cytotoxicity, mitochondrial activity changes, drug internalization, etc.
    • Physiological mechanisms: cell communication, mobility of membrane components, Protein interactions, conformational changes, etc, by FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer), FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching ) y FLIP (Fluorescence Loss in Photobleaching).
    • Kinetic studies of intracelular ions: Ca+2, Na+, Mg+2,etc.
    • Cell migration.
    • Etc…..

  • Tissue:
    • Inmunohistochemical
    • Co-localization



  • Material Science:
    • Morphology and defects analysis in solids as microelectronics, polymers, resins, minerals, ceramics, metals, etc., as well as the study of surface roughness profiles. Applicable to fields as diverse as engineering (quality control, corrosion analysis, etc.), paleontology, forensics, geology, implant dentistry and bone, etc..
    • Volumetric analysis of fluid inclusions on hydrocarbons.


  • Food Science:
    • Microstructural characterization of foods.