Alicia Martinez

Domingo Gil

TEL: +34 963 289 681
Ext. 3111 / 3112
FAX: +34 963 289 701


• A High Speed Cell Sorter MoFlo (Beckman-Coulter, CA, USA) equipped with three lasers (a laser with two excitation wavelengths at 488/351 nm, and a 635nm red laser) and 8 fluorescence detectors.

• A High Content System In Cell Analyzer 1000 (GE Healthcare, UK).

• A Multiplexed Analysis System Luminex 200.

• A  FC500 MCL Flow Cytometer (Beckman-Coulter, CA, USA) equipped with two lasers: 488 nm and 635 nm and  5 fluorescence detectors. Acquisition manual or automatic sample carrousel.

• A FC500 MPL Flow Cytometer (Beckman-Coulter) equipped with a 488nm laser. Ability to acquire samples in different formats (tubes or well plates).