Position title
Postdoctoral Researcher R2.I - R2.I.03/2020
  • Perform and evaluate psychometric tests in patients and controls
  • Measurement of eye movements using OSCANN equipment
  • Performing computerized memory tests to patients and controls
  • Obtaining serum and plasma in human blood samples.
  • Isolation of peripheral mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from human blood.
  • Isolation of TCD4+ lymphocytes from peripheral mononuclear cells
  • Cultures of PBMCs and TCD4 + lymphocytes
  • Determination of interleukins in cultures and serum.
  • Protein analysis by Western blotting techniques, immunoprecipitation...
  • Determination of blood ammonium levels.
  • Study of the immunophenotype in blood cells
  • Use of data analysis and data representation programs: SPSS, excell, GraphPad
    Prism. Performing correlation analysis, ANOVA, ANCOVA, logistic regressions,
    sensitivity and specificity analysis, ROC curves...
  • Supervision of predoctoral students
Employment Type
Laboratory of Neurobiology
Beginning of employment
Working Hours
Partial: 37.5 hours / week
Date posted
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