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Jemina Burden

Benefits of the third dimension: Perspectives from core facility introducing Array Tomography, – past, present and future

Speaker: Dr. Jemima Burden
Institution: Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, University College London, London, UK
Place: Jerónimo Forteza conference room, CIPF

Abstract: Biological research has long benefitted from insights gained from studying the ultastructural basis of viruses, cells, tissues and organisms using electron microscopy. For the most part, these insights have been gleaned from interpretting 2 dimensional projections of thin slices of resin embedded samples, limiting the researcher to certain types of analysis. However, with advances in automated electron microscopy, a new field of volume electron microscopy (vEM) has arisen. I have been developing workflows for correlative light and serial section transmission electron microscopy for over 15 years, and recently introduced array tomography scanning electron microspcopy to our core facility. I will share our experiences, the benefits this technique brings, and discuss some of the future prospects for this evolving technology and community.



With support from the Generalitat Valenciana, AMPER-02/2023 and CIAORG/2022/035