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At the CIPF we investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms of metabolic diseases, cancer, rare diseases, neuroinflammation, neurological deterioration, and diseases related to aging. We also have specific research groups specialized in the fields of new diagnostic technologies, advanced therapies in biomedical research, nanomedicine, cell therapy, regenerative medicine, and bioinformatics and biostatistics.

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Make a bank transfer

Fundación de la Comunidad Valenciana Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe

CaixaBank IBAN: ES33 2100 7344 7413 0043 7569


Let us know and we'll confirm the donation

After making a transfer, please send us an email to donaciones@cipf.es with proof of the transaction and the required information listed below.

You must provide us with your full name, national tax number (NIF, CIF, DNI, or NIE), and your address so that we can inform the Spanish Tax Agency, allowing you to benefit from a tax deduction.

In compliance with Spanish Law 10/2010 on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, we are required to obtain certain documents from our donors (both individuals and entities) in order to verify their identity, economic activity, and the origin of the donated funds. To accept any donation exceeding €100.00, we are required to retain a digital copy of certain documents from the donor, as follows:

  • For entities (Foundations, Associations, Companies, etc.):
    • A scanned copy of the DNI of their legal representative.
    • A scanned copy of the Proxy Deed for said representative.
    • A scanned copy of the Deed of Incorporation of the entity.
  • For individuals:
    • A scanned copy of their DNI/NIE.

Supporting us also has tax benefits for you

Natural person (tax type: IRPF)

tax relief

Up to the first 150 donated.

tax relief

For donations over 150.

tax relief

When you donate an equal or greater amount to the same entity in the current year as well as in the two previous years.

You can claim up to 80% of your donations back in your tax declaration. Every contribution made to the CIPF benefits from the tax deductions described in Law 49/2002 on the Tax Regime of Non-Profit Entities and Tax Incentives for Patronage.

It is essential that you provide us with your full name, NIF or CIF and address to inform the Tax Agency.

Legal entity (tax type: IS)

tax relief

When any amount is donated.

tax relief

When an equal or greater amount is donated by the same entity in the current year as well as in the two previous years.

All the current regulations regarding donations by legal entities can be found here (link in Spanish).