scientific programs

The scientific activity undertaken at the Center is divided into four programs which in turn, comprise our various research groups

The Cancer Program promotes and develops multidisciplinary and translational research in the field of cancer biology, focusing on the search for new therapeutic targets, innovative medicines and advanced therapies, and diagnostic, prognostic, and response-predictive biomarkers.

The Neuronal Pathologies Program carries out basic & translational research into the mechanisms, diagnosis, & treatment of neurological cognitive, motor & other functional neuronal activity impairment in different pathological contexts.

The Metabolic Disorders Program carries out basic and translational research on molecular and cellular defects that underlie chronic metabolic disorders & associated complications.

The objective of the Advanced Therapies program is to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to tackle high-impact public health problems by applying and combining both cellular therapy and pharmacological approaches, including high-throughput systems and nanomedicine.