Public Procurement

Public Procurement

Contract TypeTitleDoc. Ref.Deadline
SupplySUM 2018/01 Adjudicación contratación microscopioSUM 2018/01 
SupplySUM 2018/01 Anuncio contratación microscopioSUM 2018/0112/03/2018 at 3:00 p.m.
SupplySUM 2018/01 Formalización contrato microscopioSUM 2018/01 
SupplySUM 2018/01 Acta constitución mesa de contrataciónSUM 2018/01 
SupplySUM 2018/01 Aprobación pliego clausulas particularesSUM 2018/0112/03/2018
SupplySUM 2018/01 Pliegos contratación microscopioSUM 2018/0112/03/2018 at 3:00 p.m.
SupplySUM 2018/01 Aprobación pliego técnicoSUM 2018/0112/03/2018
ServiceSER 2017/06 Gestión y Asistencia Técnica en Protección Radiológica_Acto público apertura sobre 3SER 2017/0630/10/2017
ServiceSER 2017/07 Seguro todo riesgo DM y RC_Acto público apertura sobre 2SER 2017/0729/11/2017
ServiceSER 2017/08 Adjudicación Seguro RC Administradores y DirectivosSER 2017/0816/10/2017
ServiceSER 2017/07 Resolución Adjudicación_Servicio Seguro todo riesgo Daños MaterialesSER 2017/0714/12/2017
ServiceSER 2017/09 Resolución Adjudicación_Seguro obligatorio carretilla elevadoraSER 2017/0903/11/2017
ServiceSER 2017/06 Formalización Contrato_Servicio Gestión y Asistencia Técnica en materia de protección radiológicaSER 2017/0605/12/2017
ServiceSER 2017/07 Anuncio de Lictiación. Servicio SegurosSER 2017/0723/11/2017
SupplySUM 2017/07 Formalización Contrato_Suministro MultifotónSUM 2017/07 
SupplySUM 2017/13 Formalización Contrato_Sitema anestesia para drosophilaSUM 2017/13 
SupplySUM 2017/16 Formalización Contrato_Bomba peristálticaSUM 2017/16 
SupplySUM 2017/08 Formalización Contrato_AutoclaveSUM 2017/08 
SupplySUM 2017/19 Formalización Contrato_Suministro Sistema filtración carbón activoSUM 2017/19 
SupplySUM 2017/09, SUM 2017/10, SUM 2017/11, SUM 2017/12, SUM 2017/14 Formalización contratos_Enfermedades RarasSUM 2017/09, SUM 2017/10, SUM 2017/11, SUM 2017/12, SUM 2017/14 
SupplySUM 2017/18 Resolución Adjudicación_Suministro Equipamiento obtención secciones opticas acoplado a Miscroscopio fluorescenciaSUM 2017/18 
SupplySUM 2017/15 Formalización Contrato_IncubadorSUM 2017/15 
SupplySUM 2017/17 Formalización Contrato_Homogenizador de tejidosSUM 2017/17 
SupplySUM 2017/05 Formalización Contrato_Equipamiento Científico Investigación Enfermedades RarasSUM 2017/05 
SupplySUM 2017/04 Formalización Contrato_Equipamiento Proceso de DatosSUM 2017/04 
SupplySUM 2017/07 Formalización Contrato_Suministro MultifotónSUM 2017/07 


The PRÍNCIPE FELIPE RESEARCH CENTER VALENCIAN COMMUNITY FOUNDATION (CIPF), is a private, legally incorporated, non-profit entity whose main activity is biomedical research.

The CIPF is governed by its own statutes, as well as by Law 8/1998, of December 9, on foundations in the Valencian Community and Law 50/2002, of December 26, on foundations, and their respective rules for implementation, and in accordance with article 3.3 d) of Law 9/2017, of November 8, on public sector contracts (LCSPs in the Spanish initialism), by which the Directives of the European Parliament and Council are transposed into the Spanish legal system as Law 2014/23/EU and Law 2014/24/EU, of February 26, 2014, whereby the CIPF is considered a contracting authority.

Likewise, in accordance with article 26 of the aforementioned law, any contracts that are signed are considered private contracts and therefore, are governed by the provisions of articles 321 and 322 of the same law. All calls for tenders will be published exclusively on the PUBLIC PROCUREMENT page on the CIPF website, with the exception of contracts subject to harmonized Regulation (SARAs in the Spansih acronym) which will also be published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

  • Tender bids must be submitted exclusively by electronic means via the PUBLIC PROCUREMENT/ELECTRONIC PLATFORM FOR CONTRACTORS pages, after first registering with the appropriate electronic contracting platform. Please first download the Instructions for Use of the Electronic Trading Platform (document in Spanish). 
  • The current contracting files can be found on the PUBLIC PROCUREMENT/BIDDING CONSULTATION pages. A download containing instructions for Internal Contracting at the CIPF is provided (document in Spanish).
  • The contractor tender files for periods prior to 2019 can be consulted on the CONTRACTING PROFILE/BIDDING HISTORY pages.
  • To make any inquiries or requests for information about the CIPF CONTRACTING BODY, please send a message to the following email address: