The latest technology for cutting-edge research.

Cutting-edge biomedical translational research relies on using a constantly evolving set of technologies to advance scientific knowledge and accelerate the transfer of experimental findings into medical practice. At the CIPF, these essential resources are managed through its Core Facilities, which have been organized to offer researchers access to the latest technologies and best technical expertise available. The Core Facilities strive to provide highly customizable fast, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective services that match individual research needs, all with in-house scientific support.

The main mission of the CIPF Core Facilities is to help scientists answer complex biological questions and facilitate the execution of advanced scientific projects. In order to achieve their goals, these facilities maintain state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation, provide specialized technical support, and advise users on techniques and experimental design. These services are available both to CIPF-affiliated researchers and to the broader scientific community. The organization of the facilities fosters a culture of effective knowledge transfer and helps to facilitate technological advances and their transfer to society, the public healthcare system, and industry.

The Core Facilities have an outstanding collaborative and interdisciplinary culture and coordinate the management of their resources and capacities to concentrate on diverse technology and singular infrastructures. As a consequence, they offer a comprehensive, current, and high-quality technological portfolio that provides added-value solutions to scientific applications. 

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Advanced Light Microscopy

Several optical microscopy systems, technical support, and processing and analysis services.

Animal Models and Comparative Medicine

Exceptional quality, modern, and efficient animal care facilities and services for in vivo studies.

Computer Cluster

High-performance computational technology platform for the processing and analysis of large volumes of biomedical data.

Electron Microscopy

High-magnification and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy imaging.

Flow Cytometry and Cytomics

Polychromatic analysis, fluorescence-activated cell sorting, and high-content screening.

Genomics and Translational Genetics

Specialized genetic testing, providing diagnoses and genetic counseling to support clinicians.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Identification, quantification, and structural determination of any chemical compound​.


Advanced techniques and protocols for protein chromatography and purification.

Screening Platform

Identification and characterization of novel bioactive agents in in-house compound libraries.