Welcome to the COMPLAINT CHANNEL of the VALENCIAN COMMUNITY FOUNDATION PRINCIPE FELIPE RESEARCH CENTER (FCIPF), created so that any person, internal or external, can denounce or report, confidentially or anonymously, on facts or irregular conduct in those that have been intervened, directly or indirectly, by any employee, supplier, collaborator, … and that are or may be constitutive of fraud within the scope of COMPLIANCE (Preventive rules that seek to avoid criminal offenses that could generate liability for a company). In this sense, the FCIPF expressly guarantees confidentiality for all those who use this channel. All reported complaints will be analyzed and evaluated by the COMPLIANCE OFFICER and will follow the procedure approved for this purpose. The correct use of the COMPLAINTS CHANNEL, as well as the content of the complaints that are made, is the sole responsibility of the USER of the channel.


    1. Complaint

    (You can incorporate the documentation that you consider appropriate for the analysis of the communication up to a maximum of 4 documents and 5MB.)

    2. User identification

    (You do not have to identify yourself. Fill in the fields in case you want to have an answer about the closure and the actions taken after the analysis and conclusions of the complaint.)

    3. Terms of use

    • The USER agrees to use this Channel in the terms provided in the following Conditions of Use of the COMPLAINTS CHANNEL.
    • The COMPLAINTS CHANNEL will be used when the user (any interested party) knows or has well-founded suspicions about behaviors, actions or events committed by any manager, employee, supplier, collaborator,… that may constitute fraud within the scope of the COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
    • The USER must submit the complaint by means of the form available on the FCIPF website.
    • Those complaints with full knowledge of their falsehood will not be subject to management by the FCIPF, keeping the right to promote the actions necessary for the disciplinary actions provided for in the legal system to be carried out.
    • By accepting these Conditions of Use it is stated that the personal data provided, where appropriate, are true and accurate and I give my consent for them to be processed by the FCIPF for the necessary management actions.
    • The COMPLAINTS CHANNEL user has the right to a secure channel that guarantees anonymity and confidentiality of communications, as the case may be, without her identity being revealed at any time.
    • In the case of FCIPF personnel, they have the right to effective protection of their labor integrity, without reprisals, discrimination,…, by reason of the complaint.
    • Finally, the user has the right to be informed about the result of the investigation and the actions taken in this regard.

    4. Form submission

    Review the information and make sure it is all correct. Click on Submit Report. The tool will inform you of its successful delivery. Otherwise you can repeat the process.

    See detailed information on data processing here.