Terms of use

Website terms of use

The terms and conditions indicated below (hereinafter Policy, General conditions, or Conditions) regulate the access and use of the www.cipf.es website. The owner of this website and service provider of the information society is the Foundation of the Valencian Community Prince Felipe Research Center (hereinafter CIPF), a Non-profit Foundation with C.I.F. G-46/923421, domiciled in C/ Eduardo Primo Yúfera, number 3, zip code 46012, Valencia (Spain) and registered in the Registry of Foundations with Registration Number Reg. 91-Vf/s.

The expression “site or website” includes, with delimitation but not limitation, the data, texts, graphics, images, animations, musical creations, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs and other content included therein and, in general, any creations expressed by any means or support, whether tangible or intangible, and regardless of whether they are susceptible or not to intellectual and industrial property rights, in accordance with the applicable regulations in force.

Access to the site implies that the user acquires a series of rights and obligations, in order to guarantee the adequate enjoyment of the services and content found therein and that the CIPF makes available to the user, free of charge, or by way of consideration when so indicated.

A visiting user acknowledges that the access and use of the services and content provided on the website is their sole and exclusive responsibility.

User’s status is acquired by virtue of accessing the website. The user will use the services and contents of the site exclusively for private purposes, excluding any form of subsequent use thereof for profit or reporting of any benefit, direct or indirect.

The CIPF informs the user of the following general conditions of use, which are understood as expressly and fully accepted by the latter simply by accessing the website, viewing its contents and/or using the services offered through it. If these general conditions are replaced by others in whole or in part, said new general conditions shall be deemed to be accepted in an identical manner to those already set forth.

However, the user of the site must periodically access these general conditions to make themselves aware of successive versions posted on this page, although it is recommended that the user access them every time they intend to access or make use of the services and contents of the website.

In case that the user does not accept these general conditions and/or, where appropriate, the particular conditions that regulate the use of a certain service and/or content offered through it, they must refrain from accessing the website.

The user must establish the appropriate technical security measures to avoid unwanted actions in the information system, files, and computer equipment used to access the internet and, especially, the website, being aware that the Internet is not completely secure.

Object of the website

By accessing the website, a user will be able to enjoy various content and services provided by the CIPF or, as the case may be, by third-party providers on the conditions specified in this regard.

In general, the services and content offered through the website will be available in Spanish, without prejudice to the possibility – and subject to the CIPF – of offering them in the rest of the official regional languages, as well as in any other language spoken inside or outside the European Union.

The CIPF may unilaterally modify, without prior notice, the provision, configuration, content and services of the site, as well as the conditions of use and access to the content offered and services provided. In each case, when appropriate, the CIPF will warn users of any such changes in the corresponding general or particular conditions of use, as well as in other texts on the web.

Expenses related to access via telephone lines and other types of expenses related website connection shall be entirely assumed by the user.

User’s rights and obligations

The user will be able to:

  • Access free of charge and without prior authorization, the contents and services of the site available as such, without prejudice to the technical conditions, particularly the need for prior registration regarding specific services and content intended for specific groups as determined by the CIPF, as established in these general conditions and specific conditions of said services.
  • Use the services and contents available for its exclusive private use, without prejudice to the provisions of the particular conditions that regulate the use of a specific service and/or content intended for specific groups, that may be determined by the CIPF.
  • The user may download one sole copy of the website for the purposes of “off-line” viewing for private and non-lucrative purposes.
  • Engage in correct and lawful use of the website, in accordance with the effective legislation, moral standards, good business practices, and public order.

Under no circumstances may the user:

  • Access or use the services and contents of the site for illicit purposes, purposes that are harmful to the rights and freedoms of third parties, or that may harm, damage or prevent, in any way, access to them, to the detriment of the CIPF or third parties.
  • Use the services, entirely or partially, for the purposes of promoting, selling, contracting, disclosing of advertisement, or personal or third-party information without prior written consent provided by the CIPF.
  • Insert the information onto the website or employ the existing services with the aim of attacking – directly or indirectly – the rights, and especially fundamental rights and public freedom of other website users or the CIPF; which engage or promote undertaking offensive, xenophobic, terroristic, or degrading acts on the grounds of age, sex, religion, or beliefs; of pornographic, obscene, or material that is violent in nature which go against the law, moral standards, or good business practices. For these purposes, information will be understood as inclusive of but limited to the following: text, graphics, images, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs, data, notes, and other.
  • Include hyperlinks to this website on private or business web pages, which are not only and exclusively limited to the homepage access.
  • Use services and content offered through the website in a manner that is contrary to the general terms and conditions of use and/or specific terms and conditions of use that govern the use of certain services and/or content, in detriment or prejudice to the rights of other users.
  • Undertake any actions that may impede or obstruct access to the website to other users, as well as the hyperlinks to services and content offered by the CIP for third parties through this website.
  • Use the website as a means of access to the Internet for the commission of illegal actions or contrary to current legislation, morals, good customs, and public order.
  • Employ any type of computer virus, code, software, computer program, computer, or telecommunications equipment that may produce damages or unauthorized changes to the content, programs or systems available through the services or content provided on the website, or to the computer systems, files, and computer equipment of its users; or the unauthorized access to any content and/or services provided on the website.
  • Eliminate or modify in any way the protection or identification devices that may be placed by the CIPF or any of its legitimate owners on the website, or the symbols which the CIPF or its third-party legitimate rights owners may incorporate into their products for the purposes of protecting the existing intellectual or industrial property rights of this website.
  • Include, on a website under their control or ownership, the “metatags” corresponding to brand names, trade names, or distinctive signs owned by the CIPF.
  • Entirely or partially reproduce this website as another website; introduce framing to this website or other websites accessible from the latter which covers or modifies – items that include but are not limited to – content, advertisement space, and trademarks pertaining to the CIPF or any third parties, regardless whether these may be understood as acts of unfair competition or confusion.
  • Create frames on a website under their control or ownership that resembles the home page and/or pages accessible through the home page that pertain to this website, without obtaining prior authorization from the CIPF.
  • Include a hyperlink that generates a window or session in the navigation software used by a user of a website that is their responsibility or property, in which brands, commercial names, or distinctive signs of your property are included and through which the main website and/or any of the pages accessible through it corresponding to this website are shown, without  prior authorization by the CIPF.
  • Use the trademark, business names, or any other identification signs subject to industrial or intellectual property rights without prior authorization, expressly provided in writing by the owner.
  • Carry out any actions that involve the reproduction, distribution, copying, renting, public communication, or transformation of any other similar actions that lead to modifications or changes, entire or partial, of the content or services provided on the website, or the financial operations thereof, without a prior written authorization provided by the CIPF or any third-party owner of intellectual or industrial property rights that apply to the services or content of the website, unless stipulated otherwise in the general terms and conditions of use, or as the case may be, specific terms and conditions that govern the use of existing services and/or content of the website.

CIPF rights and obligations

The CIPF reserves the following rights:

  • To modify the conditions of access to the site, technical or not, unilaterally and without prior notice to users, without prejudice to the provisions of the particular conditions that regulate the use of a certain service and/or content intended for specific groups that, in their case, determine the CIPF.
  • Set forth specific terms and conditions and, as the case may be, establish the price and other requirements for access to selected services and/or content.
  • Limit, exclude, or establish conditions for user access if they do not meet all the guarantees of correct website usage, in accordance with agreed-upon obligations and prohibitions.
  • End the provision of a service or supply of a content, notwithstanding the provisions of the particular conditions that regulate the use of a certain service and/or content intended for users of the website.
  • Modify, eliminate, or update, entirely or partially, the content or services offered through the website, without issuing a prior notification to users, notwithstanding the stipulations of specific conditions that govern the use of certain services and/or content made available to the users of this website.
  • Undertake any legal or judicial actions that may be deemed convenient for the protection of the CIPF‘s rights as well as the rights of third parties that provide the services or content through the website, as long as it seems appropriate.
  • Require any corresponding compensation due to improper or illegal use of all or some services and content provided through the website.

Cookie usage

The CIPF may employ cookies when a user browses through the sites and pages of this website. Such cookies will be used by the CIPF under the conditions and for the purposes described in the CIPF’s Cookies Policy.

Scope and limitations of the CIPF’s responsibility

The CIPF shall not be held liable for damages of any nature in the following cases:

  • In case of the impossibility or difficulties with connection to a communication network used for accessing this website, regardless of the connection type employed by the user.
  • In case of interruption, suspension, or cancellation of access to this website, as well as availability and continuous functioning of this website or services and/or content, due to reasons beyond the CIPF‘s control, which may be directly or indirectly related to it.
  • The CIPF shall not assume any responsibility for the services and content, availability and conditions, technical or otherwise, and access to such, which are offered by third-party service providers, especially in regard to providers of informational services. The service providers of the information society shall be understood as those natural or legal persons that provide the following services to the public: (a) Transmission through a data communication network provided by the service recipient. (b) Access services to said network. (c) Storage services or data hosting. (d) Provision of content or information. (e) Temporary copy service of the data requested by users. (f) Facilitation of links to content or search tools.
  • The CIPF shall not assume, at any time, any responsibility for damages that may be caused by information, content, products or services, which include but are not limited to those provided, communicated, stored, transmitted, exhibited, and offered by third parties other than CIPF – including the providers of informational services – through a website that may be accessed through an existing link on this website.
  • Processing and subsequent use of personal data carried out by third parties other than the CIPF, as well as for the pertinence of information requested by them.
  • Quality and speed of website access and technical conditions that must be met by the users in order to access the website and the provided services and/or content.
  • The CIPF will not be responsible for delays or failures that may occur in the access and/or operation of the services and/or contents of the website due to a case of Force Majeure.
  • The website user shall be personally liable for damages of any nature directly or indirectly caused to the CIPF due to a breach of any obligations arising from these general terms and conditions and other regulations applicable to the use of this website.

Intellectual and industrial property

The user acknowledges that the content and services offered through the website, including but not limited to texts, graphics, images, animation, musical compositions, videos, sounds, drawings, photos, all comments, exhibits, and html code shall be protected by the laws on intellectual and industrial property. Copyright and rights of economic operations of this website shall correspond to the CIPF and/or third-party entities.

Trademarks, business names, or distinctive signs that appear on the website are the property of the CIPF or, as the case may be, third-party entities, and are protected by the effective legislation applicable to industrial property.

Provision of services and publishing of content at the website shall not imply, under any circumstances, termination, waiver or transfer, entire or partial, of the ownership of the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights by the CIPF and/or third-party legitimate owners.

Under no circumstances may the user use the existing website services and content for purposes other than strictly private use, except for clearly defined exceptions stipulated in the general terms and conditions of the website use or specific conditions set forth by the CIPF for the purposes of managing the use of certain services and/or content offered through the website.

No part of this Website may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, copied, communicated publicly, transformed in whole or in part by any manual, electronic, or mechanical system or method (including photocopying, recording, or any system of recovery and storage of information) through any support currently known or that is invented in the future, without written authorization from the Owner or, where appropriate, from legitimate third-party owners. The use, under any modality, of all or part of the content of the site is subject to the need to request prior authorization from the CIPF and/or legitimate third parties and the acceptance of the corresponding license, where appropriate, except for provisions in respect of the rights recognized and granted to the user in these general conditions or determined in the particular conditions that the CIPF has to establish to regulate the use of a certain services and/or content offered through the website.

If breaching actions and omissions or negligence is directly or indirectly attributable to the website user who violates the intellectual or industrial property rights of the CIPF or third parties – regardless of whether they received any profit – thus causing the CIPF to incur any damages, losses, joint liabilities, expenses of any nature, penalties, corrective measures, or fines and other amounts arising from or derived from any claims, actions, lawsuits, or proceedings of a civil, criminal, or administrative nature, the CIPF shall have a right to employ any legal measures available to it and to seek remedy from the user by claiming any amount of settlement, including but not limited to moral damages and damages to the CIPF’s image, incurred damages and lost profits, advertisement and expenses incurred while remedying such damages, amounts of penalties or condemnatory rulings, past due interest, costs of financing all amounts that may be imposed upon the CIPF, legal expenses and attorney’s fees in any proceeding to which CIPF may be a respondent due to the aforementioned reasons, for damages incurred due to such acts and omissions, notwithstanding any other rights that may correspond to it by law.


Hyperlinks to this website can only be used if the hyperlink is made under the following terms provided in these conditions:

  • The link must only allow access to the website’s home page.
  • For the purposes of avoiding any confusion, website users are prohibited from loading any pages pertaining to the website on one of the sections of another web page divided into frames, in such as way as to distort the presentation of this website, thus inducing confusion in Internet users (“framing”).
  • The possibility of inserting a link does not presuppose, in any case, consent to reproduce the visual and functional aspects (“look and feel”) of this website.
  • Likewise, creation of an environment or a navigation bar in relation to the pages of this website it is expressly prohibited without obtaining prior authorization.
  • Appearance of the link: the hyperlink may only consist of one text. For the use of graphics or logos, a license to use the CIPF graphics or logos must be obtained in advance. In any case, the text must expressly state that it links to this website. In general, the appearance, visual effect, location and, characteristics of the hyperlink must show that it leads to the CIPF website and that it is independent and not linked by a relationship, collaboration, association, sponsorship, labor, or any other reason, to the website that contains the hyperlink.
  • Any webpage that contains a hyperlink to the CIPF‘s webpage must strictly adhere to the General Terms and Conditions of Use for this website, have legitimate hyperlinks, and meet any other applicable legal dispositions and generally accepted requirements of moral standards and good business practices.
  • Authorization for inserting hyperlinks to this website will be especially contingent in regard to human dignity and freedom. The website hosting a hyperlink shall not contain illegal information or content, placed in conflict of moral standards, good business practices, or public order, and it will not contain any content that violates any third-party rights.
  • Lastly, the insertion of hyperlinks to this website into web pages whose content, alignment, and orientation is contrary or incompatible with the values displayed at CIPF‘s website shall be prohibited.

Protection of personal data

The CIPF guarantees the confidentiality of personal data provided by users and their treatment in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 concerning the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter GDPR), the Organic Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPDGDD), and other regulations in force in the matter.

The personal data collected through the website will be part of one or more of the treatment activities the CIPF is responsible for. For this purpose, the CIPF will provide users, before they provide their personal data, basic and detailed information on the content of the treatment, without prejudice to the user’s ability to access the Privacy Policy. The aforementioned information shall allow the user to grant their informed, specific, and unequivocal consent so that CIPF can proceed with processing their personal data.


In general, access to, and the content and services offered through the website shall be of an unlimited duration. Nevertheless, the CIPF shall be authorized to terminate or suspend the access, services, and/or content of the website at any time, notwithstanding the stipulations contained in this regard in the General Terms and Conditions of Use or, as the case may be, the Specific Terms and Conditions that govern the use of the specific services and/or content made available to website users.

Entire agreement

These general conditions and the particular ones that may be established for specific services, contain all the conditions established by the CIPF and agreed between it and the user for the use of this site in relation to the object of the same and any statements, commitments, or promises, whether verbal, written, or implied, made prior to these conditions in relation to the object thereof will be considered as non-existent.

The fact that the CIPF may not request, at any given moment, compliance with any of stipulations set forth in these general terms and conditions or, as the case may be, in specific terms and conditions that govern the use of a certain services and/or content provided to website users, may not be interpreted by a user as a waiver of requiring such compliance at a later moment.

Nullity and voidability

If any clause of these general terms and conditions or, as the case may be, specific terms and conditions that govern the use of certain services and/or content becomes voidable or void, entirely or partially, it will not affect the validity of other clauses of these terms and conditions, which shall remain fully effective and valid, except when the party that alleges that such clause is voidable or void is able to prove that the purpose of these Terms and Conditions may not be met unless the clause is pronounced voidable or void.


These general terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Spain.


The parties, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, submit for the resolution of any disputes that may arise, to the Courts and Tribunals in Valencia Capital.