The Joint Cancer Research Unit CIPF-IVO (JCRU CIPF-IVO) was created with the objective of enhancing the translational research of both institutions through the incorporation of experts in different areas of knowledge, as well as resources that enhance the synergism of the research areas of each of the centers.

The JCRU CIPF-IVO is integrated by researchers from the Laboratory of Therapeutic Polymers and the Department of Computational Genomics of the CIPF, as well as the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Biobank of the IVO that develop similar and complementary research lines in the field of oncology research with applications In Biomedicine.

The main lines of research are currently focused on the identification and validation of new biomarkers in different tumors such as prostate, breast and gynecological cancers to define different molecular biotypes on which to develop more effective therapeutic strategies.

This JCRU represents an efficient model of what a translational research means: to incorporate the knowledge obtained from in vitro and in vivo models into the appropriate clinical context. This results in the definition of new biomarkers or diagnostic tools as well as in the definition of new therapeutic combinations as well as developments of new drugs (nanomedicine) that lead to clinical trials that demonstrate their effectiveness into the appropriate context of the disease.


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José Antonio López Guerrero

María García Flores

Antonio Fernández Serra

Raquel López Reig


Our scientific contributions

A phase I dose-finding, pharmacokinetics and genotyping study of olaparib and lurbinectedin in patients with advanced solid tumors
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