Position title
Lab technician AYI.02/2020

The scientific interest of the laboratory of Cell Pathology is to establish the cellular and
molecular mechanisms of the neurotoxicity of alcohol consumption / abuse. For this aim,
we use as primary cultures of neurons and glial cells as well as animal models using WT
mice and those deficient of immune receptors, TLR4 (TLR4-KO). The functions of the
technician would be:
- Maintenance and control of WT and TLR4-KO mice.
- Cell culture of astrocytes, microglia and neurons
- Preparation of culture media, and other laboratory reagents.
- Western blotting of proteins of interest
- Maintenance of equipment, incubators, cell culture flow booth

Employment Type
Cell and Molecular Pathology
Beginning of employment
Working Hours
Part time (30 hours per week)
Date posted
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