Position title
Predoctoral researcher R1 - R1.10/2021

The selected candidate will be part of the Laboratory of Obesity, Diabetes and Comorbidities (I-76) team (group leader: Dr Stefania Carobbio), which mainly focuses on the healthy expansion of white adipose tissue (WAT).

The main task of the selected person will be the in vitro molecular and metabolic phenotyping of candidates genes identified as playing a possible role in the uncoupling of adipose tissue mass from metabolic complications, using a human pluripotent stem cell-derived white adipocyte cellular model. The work will include basic biochemistry and molecular and cell biology techniques. Part of the phenotyping of the cells will include transcriptome, lipidome and possibly phosphoproteomic analysis what will give the possibility to the selected candidate to develop bioinformatics skills for the analysis. Part of the work will also include developing and optimising an unbiased CRIPRs/Cas9 screening to validate the already identified candidate genes and select new ones in the same cellular model. Later in the project, there will be the possibility to perform some phenotyping in vivo using a xenotransplantation approach.

The strong collaboration with the mix unit Cambridge/CIPF (group I-75, Obesity and metabolic regulation, Prof. Antonio Vidal-Puig/Dr Deborah Burks) present at the institute will provide to the selected candidate the possibility to connect with colleagues of the TVP lab (Prof. Antonio Vidal-Puig Lab) in the Institute of Metabolic Science in Cambridge UK and other international collaborators as well as possible to spend some time in the lab in Cambridge.

The position is for 4 years and is funded by the PLAN GEN-T CIDEGENT 2021 PROJECT CIDEGENT/2021/010

Employment Type
Obesity, diabetes and comorbidities
Beginning of employment
25/10/2021 01/01/2022
Working Hours
Full time
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