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Postdoctoral Researcher R2.I.03/2021
  • Performance and evaluation of psychometric tests in patients and controls
  • Evaluation of computerized memory tests in patients and controls
  • Performance and evaluation of behavioral tests in rats
  • Manipulation of rats samples (blood, cerebral areas, cells…)
  • Serum and plasma isolation from human blood samples
  • Isolation of peripheral mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from human blood. Red blood cells isolation and purification
  • Isolation of TCD4+ lymphocytes from peripheral mononuclear ccells
  • Measurement of nitric oxide metabolites
  • Cell culture (PBMCs and TCD4+ lymphocytes)
  • Cell treatment with drugs and  IC50 establishment
  • Study with exosomes (isolation, treatment…)
  • Determination of interleukins.
  • Protein analysis by Western blot, immunoprecipitation...
  • Use of HPLC: determination of amino acids and neurotransmitters, short chain fatty acids, kinurenyne pathway, and other metabolites related with microbiote
  • Determination of ammonium levels in blood.
  • Study of the immunophenotype in blood cells
  • Flow cytometry
  • Molecular techniques (western blot, PCR, MSP, BSP,secuentiation…)
  • Inmunohistochemical techniques
  • Experiencience in mass spectrophotometry
  • Use of the SPSS program: data analysis, correlations, ANOVA, ANCOVA, logistic regressions, sensitivity and specificity analysis, ROC curves...


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