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Licenciado/a T3 - T3.08/2021

Person with experience to work as a member of the Cellular and Molecular Pathology of Alcohol laboratory. The main research objective of is to study the molecular mechanisms of the alcohol actions in the adult and developing brain, within research project funded by RED de Transtornos Adictivos (RTA) (Ministerio de Sanidad,) on the role of the immune system and the TLR4 receptors response in the effects of alcohol during adolescence

The person who is incorporated will be in charge of maintaining colony of mice (WT and TLR4-KO with and without ethanol intake), to performed  primary culture of glial and neuronal cells  and to collaborate with the students and personnel of the laboratory, following the guidelines of the Chief of laboratory.


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Cell and Molecular Pathology of Alcohol
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