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The CIPF aims to ensure that appropriate working conditions are provided for researchers and these suit individual needs. We provide training for skills development and in safety and well-being at the workplace. We also offer social benefits, adequate wages, and good careers prospects, while also making sure that our staff have a good work–life balance.

The Foundation is committed to reconciling best practices in terms of working conditions for our employees with their individual needs. In addition, we are constantly implementing new measures to try to promote work–life balance and gender equality.

Lab technician AYI.01/2020
Retinal Degeneration Lab
RESOLVED 🔴 16/04/2020
Predoctoral Researcher R1 - R1.06/2020
Neuronal and Tissue Regeneration Laboratory
RESOLVED 🔴 10/04/2020
Responsable de Operaciones e Infraestructuras LIC.02/2020
Departamento de mantenimiento
RESOLVED 🔴 24/03/2020
Researcher R2.I - R2.I.04/2020
Polymer Therapeutics Laboratory
RESOLVED 🔴 15/03/2020
Predoctoral Researcher R1 - R1.05/2019
Polymer Therapeutics
RESOLVED 🔴 15/03/2020
Project manager LIC.01/2020
Research Support Unit
CANCELED 🔴 06/03/2020
Research assistant AUX.01/2020
Cortical Circuits in Health and Disease. PI, Pietro Fazzari
RESOLVED 🔴 25/02/2020
Researcher R2.I - R2.I.02/2020
CANCELED 🔴 26/02/2020
Postdoctoral Researcher R2.I - R2.I.03/2020
Laboratory of Neurobiology
RESOLVED 🔴 06/02/2020
Lab technician
Retinal Degeneration Lab
IN PROCESS 🟡 20/01/2020
Postdoctoral researcher R2.II
Unit Biomedical Imaging
RESOLVED 🔴 29/01/2020
Postdoctoral Researcher R2.I
IN PROCESS 🟡 28/01/2020
Bioinformatic Technician OP.INF.01/2019
Unit Biomedical Imaging
RESOLVED 🔴 17/01/2020